guys. guys. GUYS.

i just got an influenster box and i am EXCITED. 

i’ve gotten a couple of these but this one is super impressive. influenster teamed up with mary kay and sent me a bunch of stuff to test out! i’ve never used mary kay make up before but i’m definitely excited to try!

box includes:

  • lash love mascara
  • cream eye color in apricot twist
  • mineral cheek color in shy blush
  • translucent loose powder
  • gel eyeliner with expandable applicator
  • bronzing powder
  • nourishine plus lip gloss in mango tango
  • a cream eye color brush that can also be used as a concealer brush
  • poweder brush

i’m super excited to try it all out. stay tuned for product reviews and maybe some pictures. 

*influenster is a free service that encourages people to share product reviews via social media. these products have been provided to me for free. all opinions are my own.

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    I want this box so bad. I haven’t tried very many products from Mary Kay. I have only tried the foundation. It would be...
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  5. theworkinprogressblog said: this has been my fav box yet!
  6. meesh-ofalltrades said: how do you get one? i just went to their site and tried to make sense of it and i could not.
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